How long are guitar lessons?
lessons are typically once a week for 30 minutes

How much do lessons typically cost? $92 per month

What can I expect to learn in my lessons?
You can expect to learn a wide variety of music and skills.  Some of the basics include:
    •    open chords, barre chords and chord theory
    •    reading, playing and really understanding rhythms through strum patterns, tablature and standard notation
    •    reading tablature, chords and standard notation
    •    learning how to accompany a singer or another instrument
    •    how to play with others by participating in a guitar ensemble directed by Jami
    •    playing songs on all styles: traditional, folk, bluegrass, rock, country, blues, classical, pop, indie, children's music and on and on.  Not only will you learn how to play these styles, but the theory behind them.
    •    solo and fingerstyle guitar
    •    you will also learn how to use both the right brain (creativity, feeling and listening) and the left brain (reading music, rhythms, theory) together.  

Private Guitar Lessons

One of the unique components of the Guitar Performance Program at Utah State University is its emphasis on teaching methodology.  While at Utah State, Jami learned how to teach all ages, levels and styles in both a private and group setting.  Jami now has 20 years of subsequent experience in doing just that.  Many would say that Jami's greatest strength is in her teaching.  She is patient and kind and works to break down concepts into simple, understandable steps.  

Common Questions